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But Natasha had already managed to rub her eyes and, without ceasing to squeal, grabbed me by the ankle of my right leg. I collapsed again, rolling onto my back. But with such a pleasant feeling, she shut up this siren with a short kick of her left heel, which even she liked. She released my leg and whined, covering her face with her paws

Rolling back, I tried to jump up, but then Lyosha grabbed me. He jerked me sharply towards him, I stretched out, he jumped up and ran to the gun. From a low start in three jumps, I caught up with him and made a very beautiful sweep. He fell, clumsily pushing the pistol even farther, almost to the very door of the cellar. He was not far from the gun, about half a meter, but I had time before. Running up, I grabbed the gun by the barrel - it was lying like that - with my left hand and straightened up. Lyosha at that moment, in a completely bastard way, butted me with his head in the place where I didn’t want to feel him at all. I started to fall into the cellar. Waving my arms, I slowed against the doorway.



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