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"Need a place to consult, debrief and review your work?"

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Looking for 1:1 support to decrease isolation and increase EMDR protocol adherence in a supportive and non-judgmental environment?

Individual sessions are available through encrypted video and are individually arranged.



Certifications & Credentials:

  • EMDRIA Approved Consultant

  • Advanced Consulting and Supervision Trained

  •  Minor in Business, experience of 20 years in practice

  • Registered Clinical Social Worker

  • CBT Certified

  • Highly trained in DBT, EFT, Loss & Grief, Complex Trauma, DSM Diagnosing, SFBT, ACT, IFS, Attachment, Gottman, Dissociation

  • Highly Comfortable in: Existential counselling, Faith based counselling, ADHD 

Provider of:

  • Individual and Group options

  • EMDR Consultations

  • Supportive Clinical consultations for strong case formulations

  • Clinical Supervision for licensing & exams

  • Personal Debriefing & Ethics support 

  • Business consulting

  • Professional Counselling for Clinicians

  • Strengths based empowered approach

  • Providing consultation and social work supervision since 2019





  • Regular Small Group Format

  • From the comfort of wherever you are

  • Phone or secure video access

  • Individual case consultation time provided

  • Identify and resolve common pitfalls

  • Access to recorded "refresher" presentations

  • Templates and handouts 

  • Protocol review

Support Group
Image by Deborah Diem

Social Work Debriefing & Supervision - Individual

  • Looking for 1:1 support to decrease isolation and increase confidence in a supportive and non-judgmental environment?

  • Need professional debriefing in a personal way by someone who is not in a professional relationship with you?

  • Individual sessions are available through encrypted video and are individually arranged.




  • Monthly Small Group Format

  • From the comfort of wherever you are

  • Phone or secure video access

  • Individual time provided

Friends Talking Outside
Individual Counselling for Clinicians



  • Individual Counselling specializing in clinicians 

  • We come to the field to help and to support but sometimes our "stuff" gets triggered - let's get that healed so you can 

What Clinicians Say:

"Farah is an authentic and skilled clinician. She maintains a professional approach that is warm and friendly which allows for professional and personal development to be fostered. Farah is very knowledgeable and has a strong clinical skill set in several modalities which allows her to be flexible in her practice in order to meet the needs of her clients. Farah offers a learning environment that promotes strength and professionalism. The consultation groups are non-judgmental, flexible, and engaging!

I continue to learn from her approach and value her expertise."

Social Worker, Alberta

Psychologist, Alberta

"I was very fortunate to have Farah as my consultant for Kathy Martin’s basic EMDR training. From the beginning, Farah’s compassionate and down to earth nature was evident which helped me feel comfortable while learning complex new counselling skills. I was impressed by her vast knowledge of EMDR, but more so her ability to concisely explain challenging psychological theory in a way that was practical and understandable. Farah’s integrity paired with her natural ability to attune to people was inspiring and effective. I learned a lot from her, both personally and professionally. I highly recommend Farah as an excellent EMDR consultant, supervisor, and therapist."

“After taking the EMDR training, I felt hesitant to incorporate it in my work with clients. I started working with Farah a year after taking the training, and within only a few sessions, I felt confident to start utilizing it with my clients. Farah is a remarkable consultant with a lot of experience under her belt! I can’t recommend her enough. She continues to challenge me and encourages me to move outside my comfort zone. I recommend her training for not only those who’ve just started on EMDR, but also those who want to continue to hone their skills!”

Social worker, Alberta

" I want to express how much I enjoy our clinical supervision session. It truly feels like a great fit, and I appreciate your guidance and insights. I can already sense that I will be challenged in a positive way, which is exactly what I was hoping for in a clinical supervisor. I'm already looking forward to our next supervision session and continuing to learn and grow under your mentorship. Thank you for a productive and enriching experience.

Social worker, Ontario

Need a place to drop down conveniently to consult, debrief and review your work?

Have EMDR training but not “really” using its full potential?

Increase your confidence as you cultivate the art of you therapeutic voice - while still staying true to professional practice

Ready to break the silence & isolation of private practice?

Want to grow and feel more confident?




Available to Canadians!

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