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You don't need me to tell you that Clinical social work is very different than community social work!

And that it is vital for best clinical practice to have supervision from an advanced therapist who doesn't hold your pay check or your evaluation!!

Good consults and supervision are key ingredients to preventing burnout and ensuring ethical practice. 


Not only that, but the ACSW hosts a Clinical Social Work Registry designed to recognize and offer a credential to social workers with advanced standing in clinical social work.

The relationship between a clinical supervisor and a supervisee looks at case dynamics and conceptualization, clinical theory, therapeutic interventions, and “self” in relation to the case. Supervision can be provided: • Individually/Dyadic • In a group • In a case consultation format


While inclusion on the Alberta College of Social Workers (ACSW) Clinical Registry is not required to practice clinical social work in Alberta, only Registered Social Workers who have been admitted to the Clinical Registry are authorized to use the protected titles of Clinical Social Worker, Registered Clinical Social Worker or RCSW.

There are 3 main streams of supervision and we are proud to support all three: Pre supervision, post supervision and porting stream. Please review further details regarding qualifications and the application process on the ACSW website 

Whether you are seeking to be registered or to provide excellence in your clinical practice,

Social Work Supervision will be one of your best practice investments.

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LCSW Social Work Supervision: Text

Social Work Supervision:
Make Time To Reflect

Clinical Designation for Social Workers

  • Be recognized for your clinical skills

  • Able to register with insurance companies

  • Ensure best practices

  • Break isolation

  • Prevent Burn Out

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