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Let's Connect!!

Commit to your development!

Farah Is:

  • Registered in and proudly serving Canada & the US

  • EMDR Certified Therapist

  • EMDR Consultant

  • Advance Trained In Providing Supervision & Consultations

  • EMDR Network Coordinator on behalf of EMDR Canada

  • Farah has learned skills from top leaders in the field which she openly shares with her groups

I started my journey in law – but after years of working in law firms quickly realized it just wasn't the right fit - I wanted to have more meaningful connections and have a more positive impact from the power of conversations;  My time in law provided me with a strong love for research, presentations and an uncanny ability to gently find the black and white in any grey situation.

The transition into being a therapist felt incredibly natural as does this next new step of providing consultations and supervision. I have taken the time and investment to ensure I have trained in how to provide consultation and supervision in a way that is effective and efficient. Not only that, my experiences both in and out of sessions provide fertile opportunity to explore what clinicians really need.

To be honest, I wasn't even thinking about supporting clinicians but the ask kept coming and as I got more involved I realized how incredible this opportunity is! The power of working with a group, asking questions, co-learning and sharing what I've learned along my journey speaks naturally to who I am as a person. A person who loves to share anything I think would help, to be honest, open and a proponent of growth and development in your career. 

I am excited to come alongside you and to build professional connections in a convenient and easily accessible way through the incredibility of the technology available to us!

Nice things your colleagues are saying...

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Farah's gift of attunement is so beneficial to clinicians working with her

  • When in groups with Farah she can hear what you've said and what you haven't said

  • She brings a nice blend of experience and research in an accessible way 


Farah's sense of humor and ability to bring that to consultation creates an environment that is supportive and open for developing skills

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