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Online Courses

Don't have the time to meet up individually or in a group? Done the basics course but just want to "tune up"?

I'm on a mission to empower YOU!


Send me a quick email with your EMDR training date and trainer and I'll offer you this easy to use online primer! 

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What people are saying..


Social Worker

"Farah has a knack for figuring out how technology can make our lives as clinicains easier! This was a super easy to use course and I'm not tech savvy!"



"Farah's online program was on point she covered what I needed to know and refresh in a way that makes sense and is relateable"


Social Worker

"The online videos were great, I could pause, rewind and repeat anything I wanted to note down. Having documents to download made it easy for application right into my office"

What to expect:


You're not alone!
Reach out to Farah for support or clarity at any time

Clear Sections

Expect clear and organized groupings for your ease of access


One stop for worksheets and handouts


Option 1:1 or group session opportunities as you need


Access to Yoga Therapy Support
Learn more HERE


Online Individual Support


Online individual debriefing, consultation or support


Group Support


Book a free meet and greet and get connected with a personality group that matches yours!


Online Access Only

$200/course/3 month access

Just need the quick and easy? Get online access to videos and documents!

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