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Am I ready for private practice?

There are many benefits to being in private practice including setting your own hours, having your own office, working from home, defining your own training budget - the list goes on.

But, I think there is one question we should ask when considering clinical private practice:

"Am I good to do this alone?"

If you answer this question with "Yes, I am good to do this alone" - then in my humble option - you aren't ready for private practice!! If your answer is "no, I can't do this alone" then in fact you're ready!

Having been in a thriving private practice for 13 years and loving the work I do - I have seen many private practitioners crash and burn and amongst them one common element - they think they can do it all alone! They don't access clinical connections and support.

Our field is dynamic - it's constantly changing: whether that's from a college guidelines perspective, therapeutic stance perspective, AI, or even the growing neurodiversity field - our field is always changing. I also believe that you as a practitioner should be changing too!

Indeed, having all this movement without a steady foundation of connection with healthy colleagues may leave you feeling a little unsettled.

I challenge you to step into vulnerability and to connect with other colleagues, peers, clinical (social work, psych or EMDR) consultants, or supervisors. Connect with your tribe - clinicians that have the same passion, positivity, desire to learn, hope for clients, and professionalism that you do so that you are growing with your clients in fulfilling practice. Find a social work or clinical consultation group that meets you where you are at and supports your growth.

Working in isolation without clinical consultation increases your risk for burnout, boundary "blurriness", loss of connection with best practices as well as knowing what the latest training options are.

So for those reading this feeling like you can't do it alone - you're actually in the best position to be in private practice because you have a realistic perspective of how vast our work is and how indeed - none of us can do it alone! So - welcome to the wonderful world of professional private practice!


Farah Kurji - BSW, MSW, LCSW

Clinical Licensed Social Worker, EMDR Certified EMDRIA Consultant, passionate about life!

Farah has been a therapist for over 20 years and is excited to support new practitioners joining the field using strengths-based consulting and an array of options to connect. Book a complimentary meet and greet HERE


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