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EMDR Certification

EMDR Certification

Should you strive for EMDR Certification? Many therapists complete EMDR Therapy Training and find themselves wondering if they should pursue EMDR Certification. This is a fair question considering the high investment into Basic training - time, finances, and energy.

My recommendation to you is a strong - yes! Yes, I think you should become certified and here's why:

Connection. Staying connected to the EMDR Therapy community by pursing EMDR allows you to be aware of what is happening locally and worldwide on the EMDR forefront. It's exciting how the world of EMDR is growing exponentially and how the community of EMDR is bonded together for not only growth but also camaraderie and support. Most clinicians who have EMDR Certification also become involved in various networking and ongoing learning groups.

Integrity. EMDR Certification demonstrates your commitment to the required ongoing learning, consultation, and professional EMDR conduct. It means you are committed to individual or group EMDR Consultation and are able to ensure for yourself and your clients that you are providing best practices and not protocol swaying. It also ensures that you don't innocently fall into poor EMDR Therapy habits and practices. Certification validates your expertise and desire for excellence in the field of mental health.

Satisfaction. EMDR Certification ensures that you have built a relationship with a consultant who is able to support you both individually and in a group setting to ensure you are using EMDR to its full capacity, seeing the results in your clients, and having confidence and satisfaction in your practice.

Ease. EMDRIA makes having EMDR Certification convenient and easy! Steps are laid out clearly on the website and the certification only needs to be easily renewed every 2 years.

Master Complex EMDR Therapy Cases. EMDR Certification allows you to engage in more complex and challenging cases. The tools and strategies you develop will ensure that you are providing the best care.

Assure your clients. Thankfully more and more clients are doing their research, homework, and due diligence when finding a therapist. EMDR Certification assures your clients that you have chosen to increase and maintain your knowledge and expertise in EMDR Therapy. You quickly develop their trust and ability to work with you in an authentic way.

Increase your confidence. EMDR Therapy can be complex and many clinicians struggle with imposter syndrome as a therapist. By being engaged with a consultant and pursuing EMDR Certification you are able to genuinely increase your sense of confidence in your practice by reducing the risk of working in a silo without qualified consultations.

Still not sure? Feel free to reach out for a complimentary chat or to learn more about the click HERE and go with that!


EMDR Consultant

Farah Kurji BSW, MSW, RCSW has loved being in practice for over 25 years. She has a genuine desire to support clinicians to bring their best selves to their clients in order for both the clinician and their clients to meet their goals. This can look like case conceptualizations, consultations, debriefing, brainstorming, and training.

Farah continues her private practice with clients and specializes in complex trauma, grief and complex cases such as FND (functional neurological disorder) and persistent postural-perceptual dizziness).

She is excited to offer both individual and group consultations for mental health therapists and EMDR therapists. You can book with her HERE.


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