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The Therapist is...tired!

It's not uncommon to hear everyone mention COVID fatigue - but what of therapist who are fatigued from COVID as well?

COVID presented new challenges for therapists.

When COVID hit, therapists were not immune to juggling family schedules, panic and even anxiety unsure of what the tidal wave would bring. Being trained not to mix the professional and the personal - we left our personal at the door - and stepped into the treatment room. What was the cost of being an unseen frontline worker?

Therapists juggled their own anxiety learning new online platforms, technical requirements (I'm thinking speakers, mics and cameras!) not to mention other technology and jurisdiction compliances as well as how to balance the new pieces of information being provided by clients. Oh to zoom or not to zoom!

Really, in the past, not many of us worked in our client's homes. Having full view of their ceilings, noses, pets or children's interruptions " classroom isn't working"!

At the same time as ensuring their own little ones weren't interrupting sessions - either overtly or covertly! We have to ask...what were the silent costs and sacrifices of therapists?

I for one am extremely proud of us!

No we weren't in the face of a devastating disease. We didn't do oxygen tanks and monitors. We fixed hearts, broken dreams, healed communication patterns, assessed and treated emotional and mental traumas that had surfaced - all while being in it ourselves. We bravely showed up and kept going.

I will forever be grateful for the therapists who soldiered on to support the soldiers on the forefront of the COVID fight - therapists supporting nurses, physicians families, positive cases and even loss and grief.

There were many sacrifices. Many costs. Don't let taking care of yourself be one of them. If you don't have a therapist to consult, debrief, bounce off of - if you don't have colleagues in the kitchen or at the water coolers to debrief about your toughest or latest sessions - we are here for you!

I see you. I see how hard you are working. And I'm writing to let you know, I'm right here for you whenever you need it! Don't forget to consult or get a clinical debrief. You know you can't be in the water and not get wet!

Every therapist needs therapists! We were never meant to practice in a silo!


Farah Kurji - BSW, MSW, LCSW

Clinical Licensed Social Worker, EMDR Consultant, passionate about life!

Farah has been a therapist for over 20 years and is excited to support the new practitioners joining the field!

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